We will be hosting an amazing Guest Speaker named Michael Deleon. It is going to be an open group meeting all are welcome to attend. Meeting begins at 6pm sharp at our office Red Legacy 713 E. Elk Ave, Elizabethton, TN, 37643. For those of you who can not make it in person we will also be streaming a live feed of the meeting on our Facebook page Red Legacy. Here is Michael’s bio, check it out:

Steered Straight

“Helping Young People Help Themselves”

Michael R. DeLeon, a successfully acclimated ex-offender who after nearly 8 years of drug addiction and gang involvement, spent 12 years in state prison and half-way houses for a gang-related homicide. Since Michael’s release from prison, he has earned 3 Associates Degrees, a Baccalaureate Degree in Business Management, with a minor in Criminal Justice and a CADC Educational Certificate. Michael is now in the process of obtaining his Masters Degree in Addictions Counseling at Liberty University as well as pursuing his LCADC.

Michael is the founder of Steered Straight, Inc. A non-profit organization formed in 2000 designed with the intention of carrying a message to youth and young adults regarding the extreme dangers of drugs, gang-involvement and criminal activity. Michael spends his time developing Steered Straight by stressing the importance of young men and women making sound, rational decisions in their day to day lives. Michael also founded the Project Pride Program while incarcerated in prison. After pitching the idea for this program to then Commissioner Jack Terhune, he worked to develop the message that consequences are severe and life-lasting. Project Pride is still in existence at the New Jersey Department of Corrections.

Michael has spoken to over five million students and young adults as a motivational speaker in many facilities delivering evidence-based student programs around the country. He has presented in centers and schools in 40 states thus far.

Michael is an award-winning filmmaker and has directed and produced two documentaries on addiction, focusing on the opiate and heroin epidemic in America. His third documentary is on Marijuana legalization and was released in 2016. He has two more films being released in 2017. His memoir, “Chasing Detours” will be released in 2017. There are numerous other film and book projects underway.

Civic and Community Accomplishments:

  • Founded a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization carrying a message of prevention and intervention about drug and alcohol awareness and gang prevention to over 1 million students, parents, educators, offenders and ex-offenders in NJ, NY, NC, SC Pennsylvania, Maryland, Florida and Delaware
  • Member of the Kiwanis Organization, New Jersey
  • Served as a member of the Male Health Campaign funded by UMDNJ to reach out to the men of our communities about the responsibility of Fatherhood
  • Authored a column for a nationally distributed newsletter for the Alcohol and Drug Abuse Self-Help Network and SMART Recovery, Inc.
  • Taught an entrepreneurial class and a basic financial class to prisoners and ex-offenders
  • Facilitated a County Jail In-reach program for community and juvenile offenders for two years

Steered Straight, Inc. – The most penetrating, effective and evidence-based School Program in America. A full-year program that carries the presentations Back To The Classroom.

Right now, across the Country, we are experiencing an epidemic of drug overdoses and overdose death. In fact, in America as a whole and in most states individually, Overdose Death is the #1 cause of accidental death. We are losing youth and young adults to this insidious problem.

In addition to the insidious epidemic of overdose death is the skyrocketing number of near misses and the increasing number of young people that are becoming incarcerated because of drugs and the suburban migration of street gangs due to drug distribution. This is the second stigma.

Michael DeLeon represents both stigmas. In fact, he delivers a powerful message that is not only informational awareness for all who hear his story, but a powerful cautionary tale that is unmatched in its effectiveness. Working with local agencies, schools and Law Enforcement, Michael is able to impact an entire community to work as a catalyst for change. In communities that are already addressing this problem, or in communities that don’t know where to begin, Steered Straight is a powerful partner.

Steered Straight Inc. is a nonprofit organization based in New Jersey that brings presentations about various important topics to students of New Jersey schools. We have an extremely effective and powerful presentation for students about substance abuse. “Under The Influence” addresses not only the dangers of misusing prescription medication and illicit drugs, it accentuates the positive of staying drug free. With experienced presenters, we are geared specifically to this local issue with age-appropriate content.
There are no overly-graphic images and this does not come with a law-enforcement focus.

It is effective, and 80% of students actually go home to talk to a parent about the assembly. Externally, through a partnership in NJ with 2ND Floor Teen Help-line, NJ districts that receive a Steered Straight Student Assembly see an average 63% increase in help-line phone calls from students. 1 in 5 of 2ND Floor’s statewide calls come from students that view a Steered Straight Student Assembly. This partnership is established with any area Steered Straight visits.

You have many options available to you in order to educate students through a student assembly and group presentations, as well as a community through Town Halls or Parent Nights. We understand your time is limited and budgets are even more so. We are extremely cost-effective and we can conduct multiple assemblies to accommodate the population. It is critical to reach students and parents with a message that resonates, and Steered Straight presentations are the most effective, not only in getting the message to students, but having the message penetrate and stay with them long after the assembly is over.

We encourage you to visit our website at www.steeredstraight.org and call us to schedule an “Under The Influence” Student Assembly. Our other programs, “Stay In Your Lane” and “T.A.G. – The Truth About Gangs” are equally effective.

Steered Straight, Inc.
P.O. Box 579 Vineland, NJ 08362-0579
(856) 691-6676 (direct) or (609) 774-6501 (cell)